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HZ-5004 Computer control system, LCD screen back and forth testing machine
    The machine can be measured a variety of LCD Monitor around the shaft swing torque. Can be measuring each shaft torque value and record the torque curve and draw the torque decay lifetime curves. WINDOWS Windows version of the software settings, simple to operate. Quick shaft center alignment fixture and multi-purpose fixed fixture to solve a variety of LCD Monitor clamping due to fixed the problem.


Equipment Description:

Computer control system, LCD screen back and forth testing machine can be measured a variety of 

LCD Monitor around the shaft swing torque.Can be measuring each shaft torque value and record the

torque curve and draw the torque decay lifetime curves. WINDOWS Windows version of the software 

settings,simple to operate. Quick shaft center alignment fixture and multi-purpose fixed fixture to solve

a variety of LCD Monitor clamping due to fixed the problem.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameter:


HZ-5004 Computer control system, LCD screen back and forth testing machine

Maximum test torque

Minimum display torque

Maximum sample size


Machine distance


Test angle range

0~180 degree

Minimum display angle

0.5 degree

Test speed range

60~7200degree degree/min

Drive motor

Servo drive Server motor



Machine weight


Power supply

AC110V or 220V

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