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HZ-2308 Sponge spring mattress rate tester
    The machine according to GB/T6670-2008 designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D3574 and ASTM test standard ISO8307. Also comply with Japan's car seat urethane foam SES test methods N3296 is suitable for determination of flexible polyurethane foam ball drop rebound performance of the instrument by giving the ball given diameter and quality at a specified degree of freedom falls on foam samples, calculate the maximum height of the ball rebound and the ball drop height ratio of the percentage of both spring rate to rebound rate represents resilience foam. The machine uses a microprocessor to control the LCD Chinese display, and print test data. The machine has a safe, reliable, high measurement accuracy.


HZ-2308  Sponge spring mattress rate tester

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical parameter:

1. Ball falling distance: 460 ± 0.5% mm (GB) 500 ± 0.5% mm (American Standard) 

2.Ball diameter:. ¢ 16 ± 0.05 mm 

3.Ball rebound rate accuracy: <0.5% 

4.Test sample size:. 100 mm (length) × 100 mm (width) × 50mm (height) 

5. Automatically calculate the average rebound rate

Main function:

The machine according to GB/T6670-2008 designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D3574 and ASTM test standard ISO8307. Also comply with Japan's car seat urethane foam SES test methods N3296 is suitable for determination of flexible polyurethane foam ball drop rebound performance of the instrument by giving the ball given diameter and quality at a specified degree of freedom falls on foam samples, calculate the maximum height of the ball rebound and the ball drop height ratio of the percentage of both spring rate to rebound rate represents resilience foam. The machine uses a microprocessor to control the LCD Chinese display, and print test data. The machine has a safe, reliable, high measurement accuracy.

Main configuration:

A host (including the release mechanism, the height adjustment mechanism) 

A fiber optic distance sensor, control box set (LCD touch screen control)

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