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HZ-2904 Fire extinguishers disassembly machine
    The aircraft is a company based GA95-2007 "fire extinguisher maintenance and retirement procedures" and requires the development, operation principle of a national initiative for portable dry powder fire extinguisher portable mechanical foam cylinder diameter 50-200mm various fire extinguishers disassembly operations. Foot clamp, efficient time-saving, easy to operate, and applicability.


Product Summary:

The aircraft is a company based GA95-2007 "fire extinguisher maintenance and retirement procedures" 

and requires the development, operation principle of a national initiative for portable dry powder fire 

extinguisher portable mechanical foam cylinder diameter 50-200mm various fire extinguishers disassembly 

operations. Foot clamp, efficient time-saving, easy to operate, and applicability. 

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller


1, The machine works with the market now than pneumatic clamping machine without an air compressor with 

no air wearing parts. 

2, in comparison with the hydraulic clamping machine machine without hydraulic oil storage tank,pump,pressure

regulator valve, the oil is no additional cumbersome maintenance,the size of the clamping force is not much fuel,

 low temperature impact. 

3, it was our trial, the clamping force is factory set between 28-30 kg, and there is a fire extinguisher cylinder 15mm

rubber protective coating plates and decals tightening, no clamping force is too small cylinder rotation the clamping

force is too large and flattened cylinder features

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