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HZ-2908 Carbon dioxide filling machine
    1, using high-power cooling forced cooling methods to achieve continuous filling overcome the shortcomings of the liquid pump filling machine temperature not higher than 25 ℃ filling of.(Summer temperature at 30-38 ℃ boot time and 15 minutes of work, the lower the temperature, the shorter filling time) 2, safe and reliable. Common law is the market pressurized gas or heating filling fire extinguishers. Wherein the gas pressurization, the working pressure is between 100-120 kg,heating pressure reaches 90-100 kg,so that the filling job security is poor. The machine working pressure up to 50 kg and with filling gradually reduced to a minimum of 20 kg, so the safety performance significantly. 3,The machine adopts the world famous brand refrigeration units filling and filling microcomputer automatic control of temperature and refrigeration compressor operating temperature, which is to ensure a smooth filling, but also to ensure the life of the unit. 4,easy to use, easy to operate,low-cost integrated filling,filling fast,up to 6-8 kg per minute, the other filling machine several times, and the small remaining amount. Automatic temperature control by cooling the actual power of less than 3KW


1, using high-power cooling forced cooling methods to achieve continuous filling overcome the shortcomings 

of the liquid pump filling machine temperature not higher than 25 ℃ filling of.(Summer temperature at 30-38 ℃

 boot time and 15 minutes of work, the lower the temperature, the shorter filling time) 

2, safe and reliable. Common law is the market pressurized gas or heating filling fire extinguishers. Wherein 

the gas pressurization, the working pressure is between 100-120 kg,heating pressure reaches 90-100 kg,so 

that the filling job security is poor. The machine working pressure up to 50 kg and with filling gradually reduced

to a minimum of 20 kg, so the safety performance significantly. 

3,The machine adopts the world famous brand refrigeration units filling and filling microcomputer automatic

control of temperature and refrigeration compressor operating temperature, which is to ensure a smooth

filling, but also to ensure the life of the unit. 

4,easy to use, easy to operate,low-cost integrated filling,filling fast,up to 6-8 kg per minute, the other filling

machine several times, and the small remaining amount. Automatic temperature control by cooling the

actual power of less than 3KW

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