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HZ-3004B leather permeable gas testing machine
    Using specific controller come from Japan,advanced-type set, simple operation, and it is a double testing machine which can be tested for temperature and humidity, and permeable gas of shoes .


Equipment Summary:

HZ-3004B Leather permeable gas testing machine using specific controller come from Japan,advanced-type

set, simple operation, and it is a double testing machine which can be tested for temperature and humidity, 

and permeable gas of shoes .

Applicable Industry:

HZ-3004B Leather permeable gas testing machine applied to test leather performance in shoes, clothing, 

luggage handbag industry, research laboratories; commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision


  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameters:


HZ-3004B Leather permeable gas testing machine

Temperature range

RT ~ +100 ℃

Humidity range

 35% ~ 95%

Accuracy of control

approximately +1 ℃, 5% R.H

Control mode

Control of single point, it can display remainder of the   time when the program

executed,memory system of interrupt the power and continue to perform the 

program upon re-power.touch-tone LCD membrane (from Japan RKC) Hole’s 

size of permeable gas: as required Ø36MM, Ø30MM each of three

Number of testing cup


Testing chamber size

60 × 50 × 60 (stainless steel)

Testing frame speed

75 +5 R / MIN


 clover-type speed of 1400 +100 R / MIN

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