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HZ-3501E VMS-4030 CNC Image measuring instrument
    HZ-3501E VMS-4030 CNC Image measuring instrument has a variety of data processing, display, input and output functions, especially the workpiece adjust function very practical, Users can according to their respective needs optional printer and different measuring aiming system.


Equipment Description:

HZ-3501E VMS-4030 CNC Image measuring instrument is applicable to two coordinates measuring 

for the purpose of all fields of application, machinery, electronics, instruments, plastic etc widely used.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameter:

Instrument model  



Metal sets foot inch (mm)

510 ×290

Glass set foot inch (mm)

360 ×160

Motion stroke  (mm)

300 ×200

Instrument weight ( kg )


Measurement and aiming system

The camera: Color 1/3 "CCD camera      Zoom optical lens range:0.7~4.5×

Video always magnification:30~230×     Thing fang view:7~1.1mm

Working distance:108mm

Z axis lifting:150 mm

Display esolution ;1µm

X.Y Coordinate measuring the over-error of indication error ≤ (3+L/200)µm

Lighting: light and transmitted light sources are surface with adjustable brightness leds       

power:220V(AC)  50HZ  30W

Measuring software: standard for automatic measurement software, it can automatic edge finder,

deburring, can point, line, circle, circle from, Angle, and adjust etc

Main Features:

1. Instrument equipped with RS - 232 interface, after connect with computer, using special measuring 

software M2D of surveying and mapping graphics processing and output.

2. Instruments by color CCD camera, zoom objective and ShiZiXian generator as measuring aiming system,

3. Grating feet and DC - 3000 electricity box composition digital measurement and data processing system,

4. The instrument has a variety of data processing, display, input and output functions, especially the

workpiece adjust function very practical, Users can according to their respective needs optional printer and 

different measuring aiming system.

The Main Function:

☆Elements: multi-point measurement points, line, arc, circle, elliptic, provisions Angle, rectangular,

 automatic recognition points measuring point, line, circle, arc.

☆Element structure: center construction, construction, midpoint tectonic intersection, line structure, 

round structure, Angle structures.

☆Element preset: point, line, circle, arc.

☆Graphics: coordinates pan, workpiece pendulum.

☆Any axis pendulum, coordinate is reset.

☆Graphics amplifier, graphics narrowing, graphics pan, graphics print graphics selected, cancel selected,

 graphics deleted.

☆Setting amplifier, graphics narrowing, graphics print circular selected, cancel selected, graphics deleted.

☆Set of gray image, saturation, contrast, image save as BMP format.

☆A variety of edge finder mode, computer automatic take points, automatic identification round, arc greatly 

improve mining point speed.

☆Image support S terminals input, Image size 640 * 480mm. 

Software common features

☆More points, line, arc, circle, elliptic, improve measurement accuracy.

☆Coordinate shift and coordinates pendulum, measuring more convenient for improve measurement 


☆Convenient element combination function, the user can simply click graphics can be combined from point, 

line, circle, distance, Angle.

☆Macros instructions, the same kind of workpiece batch measurement, proposes more convenient for high

 measurement efficiency.

☆The measurement data delivered direct to AutoCAD DXF, measuring graphics can documentation.

☆The measurement data can be sent to Excel, statistical analysis, can draw a simple Xbar - S control charts, 

ask out Ca, etc. 

Various parameters.

☆Many languages interface switching.

☆Record the user program, editing instructions, teach execution.

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