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HZ-4114 Enameled wire cut through tester
    Cut through tester according to the the GB/T4074.6-2008,and idtIEC60851-6:1996 standards and design the new enameled round wire detection instrument, which thermocouple temperature measurement, digital temperature controller automatically regulation and test temperature, the test part of the use of advanced integrated circuits, automatic control of the entire testing process. The equipment is small, easy to operate, safe and reliable, high sensitivity, good repeat performance, the accuracy of test results.Applies to manufacturers of enameled round wire and enameled wire-user detection performance wire.


Equipment Summary:

Cut through tester according to the the GB/T4074.6-2008,and idtIEC60851-6:1996 standards and design 

the new enameled round wire detection instrument, which thermocouple temperature measurement, digital

 temperature controller automatically regulation and test temperature, the test part of the use of advanced

 integrated circuits, automatic control of the entire testing process. 

The equipment is small, easy to operate, safe and reliable, high sensitivity, good repeat performance, the 

accuracy of test results.Applies to manufacturers of enameled round wire and enameled wire-user detection

performance wire. 

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Machine Work Principle:

The instrument is mainly determined by the current detection circuit, control circuit, power supply, motor 

drive circuit and the heating temperature of several parts. By heating the sample tube was heated to a

predetermined temperature, then the applied voltage and the load on the specimen at the same time.

 5 ± 0.5mA current through the sample, the instrument alarm at the same time unloading relief. If the 

sample set of test time breakdown (ie, within a set time (5 ± 1) mA current is less than the sample, the

instrument does not alarm, but unloading relief).

Technical Parameter:


HZ-4114 Enameled wire cut through tester

Detection range

nominal diameter: 0.08mm, 2.00mm and below;

Power supply voltage

AC220V ± 5% 50HZ

Power consumption


Indicates the difference between the temperature and

the actual temperature of the sample crossing point

≤ 2 ° C

When mA current sample (5 ± 1), the instrument alarm

Test circuit short-circuit current

≤ 50mA;

Test voltage

AC100 ± 10V;

Timing device

0-9 minutes and 59 seconds,set arbitrarily, timing error ± 1S;


465 x 335 x 425mm


about 25kg.


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