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HZ-4210 The elastic modulus of testing machine
    The elastic modulus of the oil cylinder test host underneath, the original brand microcomputer, powerful localization Windows software, can strong data processing; The machine adopts electro-hydraulic proportional microcomputer control system microcomputer automatic control computer shows that by high precision measurement system load sensor, the imported high quality components,consisted by the computer and software system composition, with load, deformation automatic calibration range to switch test conditions test results to be automatic storage parameters Fm/ReH/Re /RP0.2/Rm and elastic modulus E etc to be automatic calculating.


Machine Summary:

The elastic modulus of the oil cylinder test host underneath, the original brand microcomputer, powerful

localization Windows software, can strong data processing; The machine adopts electro-hydraulic 

proportional microcomputer control system microcomputer automatic control computer shows that by 

high precision measurement system load sensor, the imported high quality components,consisted by the 

computer and software system composition, with load, deformation automatic calibration range to switch 

test conditions test results to be automatic storage parameters Fm/ReH/Re /RP0.2/Rm and elastic modulus

E etc to be automatic calculating.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameters:


HZ-4210 The elastic modulus of testing machine

Max. load




Accuracy of measurement


Max. cutting

Seven sections to switch

Accuracy of displacement measurement


Accurate measurement


Metal extension project's accuracy


Metal extension project's resolution


Large deformation extension plan accuracy


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