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HZ-4504 Response bumps cumulative formation tester
    Computerized pavement roughness data acquisition and analysis system, using non-contact detection principles to real-time detection of dynamic mechanical response of vehicles on the road longitudinal profile changes, and by the mathematical model will be measured by dynamic mechanical response translated into a variety of flatness index. The instrument is equipped with a speed and distance detection device, flatness evaluation and the flatness of the road construction and acceptance of the existing road conditions of the normal speed. Detect flatness without the need of the test vehicle for any mechanical changes, as long as the detection box on the right side of the seat pedal at the test before the can speed sensor magnet adsorption on the detection of car metal plane. The detector measured the flatness of indicators in line with the State road acceptance and maintenance standards specifications.


Machine Summary:

Computerized pavement roughness data acquisition and analysis system, using non-contact detection 

principles to real-time detection of dynamic mechanical response of vehicles on the road longitudinal 

profile changes, and by the mathematical model will be measured by dynamic mechanical response 

translated into a variety of flatness index.

The instrument is equipped with a speed and distance detection device, flatness evaluation and the 

flatness of the road construction and acceptance of the existing road conditions of the normal speed. 

Detect flatness without the need of the test vehicle for any mechanical changes, as long as the detection 

box on the right side of the seat pedal at the test before the can speed sensor magnet adsorption on the

detection of car metal plane. The detector measured the flatness of indicators in line with the State road 

acceptance and maintenance standards specifications.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameters:


HZ-4504 Response bumps cumulative formation tester

Measurement speed

20 km/h - 100 km/h

Initial sample spacing

> 6 cm

Operation number

1-2 person

Operating temperature


Program power


Relative accuracy


Inspection vehicle vertical vibration detection range

±5 g

Distance test resolution

< 0.1m


500 mm*350 mm*150 mm(L*W*H)

Gross weight


Operation Features:

Intuitive operation and easy installation without any mechanical changes for the test car, reliable operation,

with good data processing and output functions can be measured and deal with any sections of the length 

of the various flatness index International Roughness Index (IRI)flatness standard deviation (σ), bumps 

cumulative value (VBI), ride quality index (RQI) available to detect the speed and distance, all the original 

data can be saved automatically to obtain the flatness index directly into the pavement management

 system (CPMS). 

This detector data acquisition and data processing by the portable computer (laptop) to complete. 

Formation index and a variety of flatness of the curve can be site to print out directly, without any 

post-processing software  is fully functional. The detector power supply is taken from the inspection 

car cigarette lighter socket 12V power supply or notebook computer power, without any external power 

supply. Rip Naples bumps cumulative detection performance of the flatness meter ahead of similar 

products at home and abroad.

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