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HZ-6608 Infrared moisture analyzer
    HZ-6608 Infrared moisture analyzer, using thermogravimetric principle of design, is a new rapid water testing equipment.Moisture in measuring sample weight at the same time, infrared heating units and water evaporation channel fast drying sample during the drying process, moisture meter measured continuously and instantly displays the sample moisture content% loss, drying process is complete, the final determination of moisture contentvalue is locked display.


Equipment Summary:

Heat halogen moisture analyzer, is our newly developed new rapid water testing equipment.Circular

halogen lamp to ensure that samples are uniformly heated, easy, accurate measurement.Moisture

in measuring sample weight at the same time, the instrument the ring halogen heating tube, fast drying

sample during the drying process, moisture meter measured continuously and instantly displays the

sample moisture content% loss, drying process is complete, the final determination of the watercontent

value is locked display.

Product Summary:

1, small size, light weight; 

2, detection speed, accurate measurement; 

3, simple operation, automatic test; 

4, showing some with red digital display (7 kinds of parameters); 

5, uses a wide range; 6, has thecomputer, printer connectivity.(Optional)


Heat halogen moisture analyzer is our newly developed new rapid water testing equipment.

Circular halogen lamp to ensure that samples are uniformly heated, easy, accurate measurement.

Moisture in measuring sample weight at the same time, the instrument the ring halogen heating tube, 

fast drying sample during the drying process, moisture meter measured continuously and instantly 

displays the sample moisture content% loss, drying process is complete. The final determination 

of the watercontent value is locked display.Compared with the International oven heating, halogen 

heating the sample at high temperature rapid drying evenly, easily damaged surface of the sample.

The test results with the national standard oven method has good agreement with the irreplaceable, 

and much higher detection efficiencyin the oven.General determination of the sample just a few 

minutes to complete. The instrument is simple, the test is accurate, some with red LED display, 

showing the value of the visible display of water value.Respectively, the sample initial and the 

final value, measured time, discrimination time, temperature and initial value, final value and other 

data, and hascomputer, printer connectivity.Therefore, the moisture meter can be widely applied

to all the needs of rapid determination of moisture in fields such as medicine, food, tobacco, chemicals, 

food and textiles, agriculture,forestry, fisheries, paper, rubber, plastics, textiles, fire doors and other 

industries in the laboratoryand the production process.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameters:


HZ-6608 Heat halogen moisture analyzer

sample weight

≥ 0.5 g

the moisture content range 

0.01%-100 %

measured sample weight


the maximum known weight


the minimum weight reading


the moisture content of readability


the temperature indication range

room temperature~180 °C

Communication Interface

Standard RS232 Interface

baud rate

9600 / S bit

means of communication

MCS51 MCU communication 2

power supply

voltage 220V ± 10% Frequency 50HZ ± 1HZ

the sample temperature

-40 °C~50 °C

Operating temperature

-5 °C~50 °C

relative humidity

≤ 80% RH


380 × 205 × 325 mm

Net weight



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