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HZ-7806 Automotive Shock Absorbers Durability Testing Equipment
    Automotive shock absorbers durability test equipment used in the automobile shock absorber to the durability test,one can simultaneously test the durability test of the shock absorber 1 to 4,high-frequency micro-amplitude durability test, the shock absorber foam test, and enter the endurance test load spectrum. Fully compliant with the latest Automotive Shock Absorber Technology Conditions And Bench Test Methods, "the draft of the technical requirements of the shock absorber testing equipment.


Product Summary:

Automotive shock absorbers durability test equipment used in the automobile shock absorber to the 

durability test,one can simultaneously test the durability test of the shock absorber 1 to 4,high-frequency

micro-amplitude durability test, the shock absorber foam test, and enter the endurance test load 

spectrum. Fully compliant with the latest Automotive Shock Absorber Technology Conditions And 

Bench Test Methods, "the draft of the technical requirements of the shock absorber testing equipment.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameters:


HZ-7806 Shock Absorbers Durability Test Equipment

Static load rate


Dynamic load rating

± 30 KN, 1, 10 to two range, the shift from a computer instruction

Load precision

better than± 1%

The shock absorber can be 

applied lateral force

 0 ~ 1.5KN adjustable ( optional)
Static accuracy

± 1%, and can display

A multiple choice test waveforms

including sine, triangle, sawtooth, 

square wave, ramp and external input wave.

Frequency range

0.01 ~ 35HZ

Counter capacity

99999999 times, with preset and clear function, automatic 

counting, when reaching the preset time, can automatically

 stop the test command.

Actuator stroke

0 ~ 125mm adjustable,precision is better than± 1%FS

Range of adjustment test space


Static friction force

can be measured in shock absorber

Test speed

less than 0.005m/s


± 1%

Shock absorber maximum vibration velocity

0.1m/s ~ 1.6 m/s
Lateral force range

from 0.1KN to 1.5KN lateral force applied to one, 

two, four shock absorbers, sensor indicates value.

The damper cooling method

water cooling or air cooling

Can measure the temperature of the shock absorber outer cylinder

With displacement control, load control, and another road reserve margin control (such as friction 

or deformation measurements), the displacement control and load control test can smoothly switch.


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