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HZ-7810 Fuel Tank Vibration Durability Test Chamber / Fuel Tank Testing Equipment
    Fuel Tank Vibration Durability Test Chamber is suitable for automotive fuel tank vibration endurance test, test whether the vehicle fuel tank meet the standard requirements through the analysis of the test data, in order to improve their products structure and performance.


Equipment Summary:

Fuel Tank Vibration Durability Test Chamber is suitable for automotive fuel tank vibration endurance test, 

test whether the vehicle fuel tank meet the standard requirements through the analysis of the test data, 

in order to improve their products structure and performance.

Main Test Methods:

The fixed simulation loading in the form of the fuel tank, the rated capacity of the water added to the 

fuel tank, covered and closed other import and export, according to the standard requirements of the

fuel tank specified time vibration, observe whether the fuel tank leak and cracking phenomenon.

Fuel Tank Vibration Durability Test Chamber  uses a time control, during the test, the specimen test time

arrives or the middle of the destruction, the device will automatically shut down and keep the test data.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameters:


HZ-7810 Fuel Tank Vibration Durability Test Chamber

Control mode

industrial embedded computers

Setting mode

LCD touch screen

Test data

U disk automatically saved 4

Report generation

through the computer automatically generate test reports

Maximum specimen size 


Power source

inverter motor


vibrating back and forth, left and right vibration,vibrate up and down

Maximum vibration frequency

0-40Hz can be set

Maximum acceleration


The vibration waveforms

sine wave


Correspond Standard:

GB 18296-2001 GBT21424-2008 QCT644-2000

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