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HZ-9011 Initial drying crack resistance testing machine
    HZ-9011 Initial drying crack resistance testing machine, QCKL initial drying-type wind tunnel equipped with a cracking tests with air flow parallel to the direction of the test board, started after the axial fan, with a wind speed control device will control the 3 ± 0.3m / s inside. Scraping test panels will be placed in a good review in the wind tunnel test plate rack. Control of product requirements by adjusting drying time, until time, automatic shutdown, currently testing whether the board surface cracks.


Equipment Description:

Initial drying crack resistance testing machine, QCKL initial drying-type wind tunnel equipped with a 

cracking tests with air flow parallel to the direction of the test board, started after the axial fan, with a 

wind speed control device will control the 3 ± 0.3m / s inside. Scraping test panels will be placed in 

a good review in the wind tunnel test plate rack. Control of product requirements by adjusting drying 

time, until time, automatic shutdown, currently testing whether the board surface cracks.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameter:


HZ-9011 Initial drying crack resistance testing machine


1. Axial flow fan 

2. Test Tunnel 

3. Test board aircraft and air flow adjustment device 

4. Timer 

5. Anemometer

Meet Standard:

The machine designed and manufactured according to GB 9779-88. 

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