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HZ-2006 Desktop constant temperature and humidity testing chamber/stability test chamber
    HZ-2006 desktop constant temperature and humidity testing chamber specifically testing the materials in resistance of heat, cold, dry and moisture. Constant temperature and humidity testing machine is small size and not take up space.


Product Summary:

HZ-2006 Desktop constant temperature and humidity testing chamber is specifically to test the materials in

resistance of heat,cold, dry and moisture. Constant temperature and humidity testing machine is small size

and not take up space.

  • Technical Parameter
  • Feature / Function
  • Standard
  • Main parts
  • Software / Controller

Technical Parameter:


HZ-2006 Desktop constant temperature and humidity testing chamber

Inside size WxHxD (cm)


Temperature range

-10℃~+150℃±2℃(or requirment)

Humidity range

30%~95%RH±2%RH(or requirment)

Volatility / uniformly





About 4.0℃/min / about 1.0℃/min(specific condittion is cooling 5~10℃/min)

Heated speed


Cool speed



SUS 304# stainless steel


Touch Screen Controller for South KoreaTEMI



Insulation material

High-temperature high-density amino acid ethyl ester foam insulation materials

Heated system

Nickel-chromium alloy electric heating type heater

Humidity system

Stainless steel surface evaporative humidifier

Cooling system

Totally enclosed air-cooled single-stage compression refrigeration method/

Original French "Taikang"/ Totally enclosed air-cooled re-compression

refrigeration methods Diego

circulatory system

 low-noise air-conditioning-type motor. Multi-vane centrifugal wind wheel

Safe device

Leakage and over-load protector, compressor-overload protector, over warm,wet 

and power protector,overheating protector, the over-temperature protective device.


recorder(purchase)、view window、50mm testing hole、

PL lamp、clapboard、Dry and wet gauze ball




1Φ 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz


1.High-texture appearance, the surface handled through the matte stripes, and use of planar non-reactive

handles, easy to operate,safe and reliable.

2.Rectangular complex glass window can be viewed the testing sample, windows with anti-sweat heater

device that prevents water vapor condensation, and high-brightness PL light.

3.Double-insulated airtight container, which can effectively isolate the internal temperature of leakage.

4.With an external water supply system can be easy to supply water and automatically reuse.

5.Compressor circulatory system from French "Taikang", more effective removal of oil between the

condenserand the capillary and use environmentally refrigerants (R23, R404, R507).

6.Controller imported LCD display screen can be displayed measuring values and setting the value and time.

7.Controller with multi-segment program edited, temperature and humidity can be controlled quickly (OUICK)

or slope (SLOP).

8.Built-in mobile pulley easy to move and has a strong positioning screw fixed position

Applicable Industries:

HZ-2006 Desktop constant temperature and humidity testing chamber applied to test the prodcuts quality,

such as electronic,plastic products, electrical appliances, instruments, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals,

building materials, aerospace, medical care... and so on.

Corresponding Standard:

1、GB11158  high-temperature technical condition.

2、GB10589-89  low-temperature technical condition

3、GB10592-89  high-low-temperature technical condition

4、GB/T10586-89  humidity technical condition

5、GB/T2423.1-2001  low-temperature testing method

6、GB/T2423.2-2001  high-temperature testing method

7、GB/T2423.3-93  humidity and heat testing method

8、GB/T2423.4-93  method of humidity and heat alternating

9、GB/T2423.22-2001  temperature testing method

10、IEC60068-2-1.1990  low-temperature testing method

11、IEC60068-2-2.1974  high-temperature testing method

12、GJB150.3  high-temperature test

13、GJB150.4  low-temperature test

14、GJB150.9  humidity test

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