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                                            HZ-1009A  Computer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine

Equipment summary

HZ-1009A Computer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine is a new material testing machine that combined with the electronic technology and mechanical transmission, it has accurate load speed, range of force measurement, Has high accuracy and sensitivity for the load, displacement measurement and control, it also can be tested the constant-velocity loading, constant- velocity displacement. This machine is simple to operate, especially suitable for controlling quality in production line, This series of machine is mainly applied to test the non-metallic and metallic materials which the load is less than 10ton.

Technical parameter:



Maximum load

5,10,20 ton

Accurate grade

1 grade /0.5 grade

Effective measuring range

0.2%~100%(1 grade/0.4%~100%(0.5 grade

Measuring accuracy

Display the value ±1/Display the value±0.5

Tester resolution

Max load 1/200000constant the resolution

Load sensor

Basic configurationsensormax load: one

Extended configurationcan add more sensors

Effective testing width

400mm(can be widened according to customer’s requirement )

Effective tensile stroke

1000mm;1200mm;1400mm can be increased the height according to customer’s requirement

Range of testing speed


Accuracy of displacement measurement

Tolerance: ±0.5/ tolerance: ±0.2

Deformation of measured system (according to the requirements)

Min span :10mmMax range of deformation: 800mm

Extended deformation: Min span: 25mm50mm100mm,

range of deformation 5mm10mm25mm

Accuracy of measured deformation

Tolerance :±0.5 according to requirement of customer to choose the larger or small deformation


Electronic-limit protection

Testing platform moving  device

Fast /slow  two speeds to controlcan jog

Back to function of testing platform

Manual or automatic operationAfter the test, the moving iron return to initial position with the highest speed by manual or automatic operation

Overload protection

Overload 10%,automatic protection


A set of tensile fixture

Machine size



Panasonic AC servo motor and drive




075KWdepending on different demand of force, using different motor


about320 KG


KG,N,LB, TON can be exchanged.

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